Currently Querying

I’m currently seeking representation for my YA sci-fi novel, STEALING THE STARS.

Five space heists. Five roguish ladies. One goal: afford the artificial heart that will save seventeen-year-old Aria Locksley’s life.

In a future where humanity lives among the stars on city-sized space stations, thrill-seeking thief Aria and her crewmates travel the solar system aboard their junky spacecraft, working for the Thieves Guild and barely surviving on heists. Until one job goes wrong, and Aria gets injected with a fatal venom that will kill her heart if she doesn’t get a transplant. Fast.

For outlaws, securing an artificial heart means buying one on the black market, and the price is steep. To afford the heart, Aria and the crew agree to steal the priceless Night Diamond for an eccentric crime boss who’s as likely to pay them as he is to throw them out an airlock. All they need to do is infiltrate a lavish masquerade party and take the diamond from right under the biomechanically enhanced noses of the system’s highest ranking officials.

Aria discovers the straightforward, if nearly impossible, job may be part of a much more sinister conspiracy as the crew falls deeper into the crime boss’s deadly game. Finding themselves in the middle of a silent war between the Thieves Guild, crime bosses, and government, Aria and the crew need a daring plan and guts of steel to pull off the heist with their freedom and Aria’s chance for survival intact.